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22 juin, 2008

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Classé sous messenger — toxicdesign @ 23:30

—> To zoom in a conversation window.  emoticone
Hold Ctrl and play with the Scroll your mouse

—> Repeat a text already écrie! In the conversation window someone asks you to write your last text! No problem Ctrl key top of the keyboard and you find your text written emoticone

--> Caracteres Special! Some Arab and sign any stuff like that name! Voila lastuce: go to demarer> All Programs> accessories> System Tools> table of characters and voila, you have great characters! emoticone

--> When your conversation window is too loaded with the text or the smiley’s or can be sent by the file!
just type =>>> / clear! in the conversation window! as if you were talking about your correspondent (e)!
efacera it all the conversation! what you permetera certainly you there! (Typing in the conversation window! Nescésite and MSG + (MSN 7.5))

--> If you want to been Out of Line type =>>> / appearoffline!
that you permetera of aparaitre offline (type in the chat window! nescésite and MSG + (MSN 7.5))

.: Whether you contact removed from its list::.

Classé sous messenger — toxicdesign @ 23:26

————————————————– ——————————

Do you have any doubts about a contact? To find out if any of your contacts you deleted — Go to Tools> Options> Privacy — Can make a right click on a contact

 ¤ Delete is exhilarated? Your contact you did not deleted!

¤ Delete is not exhilarated (black)? Your contact you deleted!

.: Whether you contact removed from its list::.  dans messenger

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